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Toast Notifications Extension for Magento platform

New way of showing Magento global messages.

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Release Date: March 16, 2013

Version: 1.1.0

Toast Notification extension shows your customers Magento global system messages in a nice new way!
Now instead of regular error or Magento success messages right in the middle of the page with the content, your customers will see Toast Notifications.

Their light and pretty appearance effect won't annoy your customers. On the contrary, they will add products to the shopping cart to see the complete new way the message "Something was added to your shopping cart" comes.
Toast Notifications Magento Extension
Magento Editions Compatibility:
CE ( and higher)
PRO ( and higher)
EE (1.12.0 and higher)
New way of showing Magento system notifications Separate configuration Toast Notifications Queue

New way of showing Magento global messages.

Below you can find some features that the Toast Notifications Magento extension offers:

Store and Admin Part Support

Toast Notifications can be enabled for both Frontend and Backend.

Different Design

Toast Notifications can have different design for Frontend and for Backend.

Separate Configuration

Toast Notifications can have separate settings for Frontend and for Backend.

Two Hiding Modes

Toast Notifications сan hide automatically, or you can choose to close them manually.

Custom Design for Each Message

You can create unique design for each message type: success, notice, etc.

Toast Notifications Queue

Several messages line up for the queue. They are shown one after another.

Delay Before Appearance

Make a pause before Toast Notification is displayed or show it straight away.

Appearance Speed

You can choose how fast the Toast Notification should appear.

Display Duration

Specify how long the customer should see the Toast Notification in the automatic mode.

Disappearance Speed

You can define how quickly the Toast Notification should disappear.

Toast Notification Transparency

You can control the transparency degree of Toast Notifications.

Toast Notification Position

Change the notification position to be at the top or at the bottom.

You can enable Toast Notifications for both Frontend and Backend Magento areas. Besides, you can configure the extension for the store and for the admin part separately on the Toast Notifications extension settings page in Magento Backend.

Toast Notifications will show your customers one or several messages that Magento sends. The message queue can have one or different types of messages, e.g. Magento error messages and success notifications. The extension will handle them in both cases and do its job very well.

Toast Notifications doesn't require additional Java Script frameworks, it uses Prototype JS library that comes with Magento by default.