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Extension Deployment

Below you can find a short tutorial that can save time for system administrators and IT specialists who install Magento Extensions by Add In Mage for Magento store.

First of all, thank you for choosing Add In Mage extensions! We appreciate it.

To install the extenstion for your store, all you need at hand is the extension zip file that you can download  from "My Downloads" area when logged in to Add In Mage website.

Please find the general installation instructions for all the extensions below. Some Magento Extensions don't require following all the steps. Please see the "Installation" section in the User Guide that comes with each product. Besides, the user guides are available online. You can download them by following this link.


In order to install the Magento extension, you need to have access to the folder where Magento system is installed.

Warning! Backup your store database and web directory. WARNING: Please backup your store database and web directory.

All Add In Mage:: Magento Extensions are designed to work with a specific Magento edition. If your Magento version is older, please update your system using the update guide on Magento website.

  • First clear all cookies for your store domain and the store cache under var/cache. Next disable the compilation process for Magento. Since Magento uses cache a lot, this step will prevent many problems.
  • Download and unzip the contents of the "" archive file on your computer and open the extracted folder.
  • Open the extension directory. If you use a theme  that is different from default, please rename extension/app/design/frontend/default/default and extension/skin/frontend/default/default folders to the values of your store.
  • Upload the contents of the extension directory to your store root using your FTP client. Confirm folder merge if a dialog window pops up.
  • Log in to Magento Admin Panel. If installation is successful, you will see a confirmation message.
  • If you use Magento Compilation feature, open System - Tools - Compilation and click "Run Compilation Process" button to recompile Magento PHP files.