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Quick start with Spread The Word Magento extension

1. Set Oauth service authorization, please see "Setting up OAuth authorization" chapter of the user manual.

2. Depending on the mode you'd like to use for Spread The Word extension (STW), create the necessary discounts for the invitation senders and recipients as well as for manual invitations in Magento Backend (Promotions / Shopping Cart Price Rules). Please also see the discount requirements in the user manual ("Requirements for the Discounts Used in STW Rules").

Please remember that the discounts you create for working with STW shouldn't be seen in the discount RSS feed. To make sure, select "No" for the "Public In RSS Feed" option when creating discounts. Currently our product generates all necessary coupons dynamically. Therefore don't select the "Use Auto Generation" option in your Shopping Cart Price Rules.

3. Create a new STW rule (Add In Mage:: / Spread The Word / Rules). You can find all the details in the "Invitation rules" part. Please select the discounts you created on step 2. If necessary, you can set up service targeting. You can enable the new rule by clicking "Use it!" in the STW rule manager.

4. If you like, you can edit the STW message templates according to the design of your company.

5. You can also adapt Frontend extension design according to your company design concepts.

6. Please test Oauth service authorization by sending test invitations to your friends.

7. Put a link to the extension page at your store: ("" or ""). This can be a colorful banner or a simple offer to get a discount.