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Installing the extension or upgrading to version 1.2.0

Follow these steps to update or install your copy of the "Spread The Word" extension to v 1.2.0

Version 1.2.0 is a minor update of the Spread The Word extension by Add In Mage:: It is available for all customers who bought this product after 3/13/2012.

Please backup your store database and web directory.

  • 1. If you use Compilation Magento feature:
  • 1.1. Log in Magento Backend
  • 1.2. Open System / Tools / Compilation and click "Disable"
  • 2. Log out from Magento Backend
  • 3. Download and unzip the contents of the "adm_spread_the_word_extension" archive file on your computer and open the extracted folder. Upload the contents of the "extension" directory to your store root directory using any FTP client.
  • 4. Manually delete cache from this directory: MAGENTO_INSTALLATION_PATH/var/cache/.
  • 5. Log in to Magento Backend. If installation is successful, you will see a confirmation message: "Spread The Word extension (version 1.2.0) is installed successfully.".
  • 6. If you use Magento Compilation feature:
  • 6.1. Open System / Tools / Compilation and click "Run Compilation Process" button to recompile Magento PHP files.

Upgrading to version 1.2.0

If you created new email templates based on default templates using Magento Transactional Email Manager or if you changed the default template files, please note that the URLs in this version templates differ from the previous ones. Please change all the corresponding link URLs in your messages to the URLs from the updated templates.


Callback URL generation mechanism has been changed in this version. Therefore it is necessary to change the callback URL for each service manually. Use character ' / ' after "oauth1" or "oauth2" as shown below:

  • Google: .../spreadtheword/oauth2/?service=gmail
  • Facebook: .../spreadtheword/oauth2/?service=facebook
  • Twitter: .../spreadtheword/oauth1/?service=twitter
  • Yahoo: .../spreadtheword/oauth1/?service=yahoo
  • Yammer: .../spreadtheword/oauth2/?service=yammer
  • MS Outlook: .../spreadtheword/live/
  • LinkedIn: .../spreadtheword/oauth1/?service=linkedin
  • Mailru: .../spreadtheword/oauth2/?service=mailru