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Installing version 1.0.0 of the extension

Follow these steps to install your copy of the "Spread The Word" extension version 1.0.0:

Please backup your store database and web directory.

  • 1. If you use Compilation Magento feature:
  • 1.1. Log in Magento Backend
  • 1.2. Open System / Tools / Compilation and click "Disable"
  • 2. Log out from Magento Backend
  • 3. Download and unzip the contents of the "Add_In_Mage_Spread_The_Word" archive file on your computer and open the extracted folder. Upload the contents of the "extension" directory to your store root directory using any FTP client.
  • 4. Manually delete cache from this directory: MAGENTO_INSTALLATION_PATH/var/cache/.
  • 5. Log in to Magento Backend. If installation is successful, you will see a confirmation message: "Spread The Word extension (version 1.1.0) is installed successfully.".
  • 6. If you use Magento Compilation feature:
  • 6.1. Open System / Tools / Compilation and click "Run Compilation Process" button to recompile Magento PHP files.