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Share invitations and Magento discounts in social networks with ease!

Spread The Word extension for Magento is an innovative and powerful extension for Magento e-commerce system. Below you can find the full overview of its latest version.

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4 Modes That Make Your Business

Spread The Word extension for Magento has 4 work modes. You can select the one that suits you best and configure your Spread The Word rule:

Invitation Only Mode

Invitation Only

In this mode, your customer chooses friends from their address book and sends them an invitation to visit your store.

Invitation Sender Gets Discount Mode

Invitation Sender Gets Discount

This mode includes sending invitations to friends as well. But in this case, your customer gets a discount for sending invitations.

Invited Friends Get Discount Mode

Invited Friends Get Discount

This mode allows your customers to invite their friends and send them a discount in the invitation. In this case the discount goes only to your customers' friends.

Senders and Invitees Get Discount Mode

Senders and Invitees Get Discount

After the invitations are sent, both, the senders and people invited, get the discount.

To encourage customers to invite more friends, Add In Mage:: introduced two fundamentally new kinds of discounts: a dynamic discount and a discount with a pre-set level. Regardless of the Spread The Word mode, each invitation contains a link to your store as well as a possibility to invite other people with the help of Spread The Word application.

In each mode you can use Service Targeting to focus on a certain social service and change the discount amount or the discount type for it. Your customers can add a personal message to each invitation. The sender gets a discount right after sending out invitations, while their friends get it in the message they receive. The fact that each invitation is sent on the part of the customer eliminates the possibility of it getting marked as SPAM. Friends get the message in a flash.

A New Level in Person 2 People Magento Marketing

People all over the world get to know about your store in a flash when the word is spread via social networks.

One of the most effective forms of marketing is a personal recommendation. Spread The Word extension for Magento implements this concept by allowing your customers to recommend your store to their friends via the most popular and effective socialization channels.

Each invitee is potentially a new customer who can refer her or his friends. A discount is an excellent trigger for spreading information. It is the discount that makes customers invite friends again and again. It makes discount holders shop at your store and get a new discount by inviting more friends. This everlasting process ensures the increase in sales and site traffic, popularizes your store by word of mouth in the social networks and turns your "www" into a popular brand.

Social Networks As A New Space For Your Business

Social networks have become the primary source of news and have the advantage over traditional media. Therefore, the degree of integration with social networks determines the success of your business.

Spread The Word extension for Magento covers all global social networks and popular services. The add-in has successfully integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mailru, Yammer, Google Gmail, Outlook Online by Microsoft and Yahoo. It can also process address book files with LDIF and vCard formats. Moreover, your customers can spread the word by entering their friend's name and email address manually.

Each service can have a special discount rule or several rules, which are activated when the predetermined conditions are met. The conditions are a date range, a minimum number of friends in an address book, or a combination of both. Service Targeting lets you determine the discount type and amount for each service individually.

The marketing guru will get the best of the extension by using every possibility of the rule configuration.

Accessing The Services Via API: High Reliability

Spread The Word extension accesses the services using their API. Such interaction helps secure a safe and strong connection toservices. All API requests are signed with a security token that is received during OAuth authorization.

When the services are overloaded, Spread The Word application will correctly handle the causes and the service limits. E.g. if Twitter is over capacity, your client will get a typical message "Twitter is over capacity". But if a particular client's limit of API requests to a service is exceeded, Spread The Word will not only inform them about it, but will show the amount of time left before they can retry the invitations.

OAuth. Your Customers Can Authorize Securely

When your customers log in to the services, OAuth protocol version 1.0 or 2.0 is used to authorize them.

OAuth lets your customers log in to the social networks or email services and get the contacts securely straight from your store. This authorization method provides your customers' exceptional confidence, because it does not require them to show their login information to anyone else but the service itself. It is this type of authorization that modern social services require considering it as the safest today.

"OAuth is an open standard for authorization. It allows users to share their private resources stored on one site with another site without having to hand out their credentials, typically supplying username and password tokens instead. This allows a user to grant a third party site access to their information stored with another service provider, without sharing their access permissions or the full extent of their data." - Wiki.

Stir Up Excitement. Check Out New Discount Types!

Developing Spread The Word extension for Magento we tried our best to make the process of spreading the word exciting.

Besides the fixed discount for any number of invited friends, we have introduced two new discount types that will impress the customer who sends invitations. It will also give you maximum flexibility when you define the discount levels and configure the invitation flow.

Dynamic Discount

Dynamic Discount

This type of discount implies a proportional growth of the discount amount to the number of invited friends. By inviting more friends, the sender can receive and (or) send a bigger discount to them! The customer marks friends and sees the discount amount being updated in real time.

How do you see it?

You set a maximum discount of 10% (or $10) for 100% friends invited from an address book. If a customer has invited 70% of their friends, then the specified rule is cloned with all the discount conditions, but with the new value of 7% (or $ 7.00). The cloned rule is saved as a regular Magento discount. Thus you simply assign the maximum discount and the rest is calculated automatically based on the number of friends your customer invites.

Thus you set just 1 maximum discount for 100% friends.

Dynamic Discount With Predefined Levels

Dynamic Discount With Predefined Levels

This discount type lets you fully control the discount amount dependence on the percentage of the friends invited.

Thus, say, you are ready to give a discount of 1% (or $ 1.00) for 20 or more percent of the invited friends, 8% (or $ 8.00) for 50% or over, and 9 % (or $ 9.00) for 55% and above of this figure, and if the number of invited friends exceeds 94% you assign the discount of 10% .

Unlike the simple dynamic discount, this type lets you have a specific discount bound to each level.

Can you imagine what opportunities it gives to your business?

More traffic, more profits, more excitement and, moreover, your customers will get a completely new experience from the invitation process.

Separate Discount And Rule Configuration

You can create different rules for senders and for invited friends.

Differentiating the invitation and discount configuration rules for senders and invitees is a key advantage that provides uncompromised flexibility!

The "Senders And Invitees Get Discount" mode lets you configure different discounts for the sender and for their friends, which allows for some incredible combinations! Just imagine! You can:

  • Give a fixed discount to the sender for 100% friends, while the discount to friends will be dynamically calculated based on the number of friends the sender has chosen.
  • The sender's discount can be calculated dynamically based on the number of selected friends, and the invited friends will receive a fixed discount.
  • The sender as well as the invited friends will receive fixed discounts, either the same or different.
  • Both sender and invited friends will receive a discount calculated on the basis of the number of tagged friends. In this case the maximum amount of the dynamic discount for both sides may be different!
Just imagine all the options with the discount amount and levels being either the same or completely different for senders and for their friends.

Spread The Word extension for Magento allows you to assign a percent discount, a fixed amount discount and a fixed amount discount for the whole cart. Separate configuration lets you give the sender and the recipient different discount types: a percentage discount to one and a fixed discount (a certain sum of money) to the other.

Service Targeting: The Advantage Of Individuality

Each service can be configured individually. Your Spread The Word extension allows you to create one or many special triggers that fire under certain conditions and change the discount type, the size and type of the discount within one Spread The Word invitation rule. You can choose such special conditions as a date range, the minimum number of friends in an address book or both.

For example:

Your Spread The Word application is running in the "Invitation sender gets discount" mode. The discount value is fixed, it is 1% discount for any number of invited friends. You create an exception for Facebook, which lets you give a 10% dynamic discount for 100% of the invited friends from the customer's Facebook contacts from July 1 to July 8 instead of giving a fixed discount of 1%. From July 8 you can provide another dynamic discount for the same social network, say a 15% discount for 100% of invited friends, provided that the number of Facebook-friends is not fewer than 180 people.

Thus, from July 8, the minimum number of the sender's Facebook friends will be the main factor for triggering a particular condition.

Service Targeting makes Spread The Word extension for Magento a powerful tool for marketing services.

Save Some Time For Your Support Team!

Conflict-free business. Your Spread The Word application spreads only reliable words! The protection mechanism does not allow sending expired discounts to your customers and their friends. Spread The Word extension for Magento will warn you of the imminent expiration date of all the discounts that are directly related to Spread The Word invitation rules.

If changes were introduced to the discount configuration or an active rule has been changed for another one while the customer is in the process of inviting friends, then Spread The Word extension will promptly notify the customer of the change and offer to begin the invitation of under actual conditions.

In addition, the intelligent assistant of creating Spread The Word rules will be at your disposal when you add a new invitation rule or service targeting rule. It will warn you about possible conflicts, mutually exclusive service targeting rules, as well as suggest how to eliminate the contradictions.

If you apply changes to a rule in use and make a mistake, Spread The Word extension will automatically switch the application in the default "Invitation Only" mode.This behavior eliminates conflicts with your customers.

Visual And Interactive Reports

A powerful reporting system is an exceptional benefit Spread The Word extension for Magento brings. It consists of a number of analytical tools that allow you to see all the Spread The Word activities and its efficiency. The interactive reports are unique in the different level of detail and dynamics they show.

  • Invitation Timeline
This report lets you know all about the life cycle of the "word". It presents detailed information on the number of imported friends, invited friends and on those who came by the invitation. Advanced Mode adds detail and events to the Timeline, which will show the efficiency of each invitation initiated by your customer in the context of services.
  • Sales Performance
This report will single out sales made with the help of Spread The Word extension from total Magento sales. The report graphically displays information about all the Spread The Word order details: who placed the order (the invitation sender or the friend), what service was used, etc. You will see the profit share resulting from the Spread The Word promotional campaigns on social networking sites as well as sales items share made using Spread The Word extension for Magento, and much more.
  • Service Popularity Tree Map
This instrument will provide data about the popularity of social networks and email servicesamong your customers. Thanks to the interactive map you can find out what services are used most often to initiate the invitations.
  • Statistics by Customer Type
The report compares the activity of your customers and visitors. It will answer the following questions: Visitors of which type invite more friends? Whose friends accept the invitation more often? What services are more popular for each visitor type?
  • Rule Rating
The report helps optimize your invitation rules and select the most successful configurations according to: the number of invited friends, the number of friends who accepted the invitation, the Profit received from Spread The Word campaigns, the number of orders placed thanks to Spread The Word extenstion for Magento.
  • Involvement
Involvement analysis tool provides valuable information on the activity of invited friends. The report presents data on how quickly friends respond to the invitations. It also reflects their willingness to do shopping at your store and the value of the obtained discounts.

The obtained information can be used for media planning and advertising in the most active social networks.

Thanks to the Spread The Word extension reports you will be able to identify those social networks and services that are willing to shop at your store.

Tracking Sales

Spread The Word has a built-in mechanism to register purchases made by the invitee and the invited friends. Tracking links, sessions as well as short discount aliases provides more accurate statistics and gives account of all purchases made via Spread The Word extension.

Besides, the "Customer's subsequent orders" option allows you to see if the STW visitor becomes your regular customer and to register their new purchases as STW ones.

Message Stack

Depending on the service (social networks or e-mail services), Spread The Word application sends invitations in two ways: a personal message and an e-mail.

Personal messages reach their recipients within 2-3 seconds. Email messages are sent to the stack, where they queue before they are sent.

Stack is a message queue manager, which eliminates server overload. However, you can interfere and delay or resume sending messages, or even completely remove some from the queue.

E-mail Sending Options

Email invitations can be sent from the queue manually or using Cron Job.

Cron Job allows you to schedule message sending, say, at night when the server load is minimal. Sending a certain number of messages at an interval is a unique feature.

The "Send Now" option lets you send all e-mails immediately, without waiting until Cron Job does it. Spread The Word extension will keep you informed on the progress of sending invitations in real time. The "Log out When Done" option closes the session in the Magento Admin at the end of the sending process.

Expired Discount Control

It may take some time for the email with a discount to be taken from the queue and be actually sent. We foresee the situation when the discount attached to the invitation expires and we introduce an invitation issue manager.

So, Spread The Word extension checks if the discount is valid in the invitation you send, and if it isn't, the invitation goes to the manager. It lets you see all the problematic e-mails, assign a new discount and requeue them in a click.

Notifications: Get Invitation Process Updates

You can learn about new invitations not only from the reports! Spread The Word extension for Magento can send you notifications about all new invitations in two ways:

  • Using internal Magento Notification Inbox
  • By email

The second your customer sends out an invitation, you'll know what kind of service was used, the number of friends invited, discount amount, etc.

Simple Interface For Your Customers

Each line of the address book is designed to offer a simple and familiar address book. Two-zone book layout makes it easy to navigate among the contacts (social network friends or contacts from the Address book file) and choose some for sending an invitation.

Alphabetical Index

Due to intelligent contact organization by alphabetical index, it is easy to find the right person even in the biggest address book. Spread The Word extension adapts the alphabetical index to the customer's address book localization. The default mode determines the main alphabet by checking the most frequent characters in the friends' names. It analyses the first letter of each name and finds the appropriate alphabet to use.

However, you can also choose to generate the main alphabetical index based on the Magento localization, customer's browser locale or define it manually.

Additional options:

If you like, you can let your customer see whom of their friends they previously invited and who is already a customer at your store. This is convenient if you configured a ban on inviting existing customers or those who already received an invitation.

In addition, the address book can contain friend profile pictures and a link to the social network profile itself.

Invitations: A Unique Opportunity

Your customers can send invitations to your store to their friends in social networks, e-mail service contacts, address files and other sources. In addition to simple sentences on behalf of the sponsor, the invitation may also include a discount, which friends of the client can use in your store. For the invitation of his friends, the client can also receive a discount. Discount can be fixed, but can be dynamic - the more friends are invited, the more discount to the customer.

Every email invitation to a friend may be supplemented by a personal message, and each private message in the social network - to customize the client.

You have full control over the length:

  • Personal messages accompanying the Email Invitation
  • Customized personal messages in social networks


Generate Accounts On The Fly

Spread The Word extension allows generating customer accounts for the invited friends "on the fly". Thus, the invited friends become customers, and their login information is automatically sent right after the invitations.

Non-activated accounts are not a problem: you can define the period after which Cron Job can delete them, or remove them manually.