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Feature List - Spread The Word Magento Extension

Below you can find a list of features implemented in the latest version of the Spread The Word Extension for Magento:

General Information

  • Localization support
  • Magento Multi-Site support. Each store and website can have its own configuration
  • Magento version and above are supported
  • Thought-through interface


  • 3 simple invitation steps:
    Pick a service for importing friends
    Select friends to invite
    Send invitations

Invitation Page Overview

  • Detailed information about the people you invited
  • A possibility to apply the received discount to the shopping cart straight away
  • A possibility to download information about the discount and use it later

Spread The Word Rules

  • 4 work modes:
    Invitation Only
    Invitation Sender Gets Discount
    Invited Friends Get Discount
    Senders and Invitees Get Discount
  • Separate discount configuration for manual invitations
  • Separate discount configuration for the invitation sender and for their friends
  • 3 discount types:
    Fixed discount (for any number of invited friends) 
    Dynamic discount
    Dynamic discount with predefined levels
  • A possibility to assign percent and fixed amount discounts separately
  • Service targeting: exceptions for certain services within one rule
  • A possibility to create multiple exceptions for one service
  • A possibility to change the discount type and amount for a service within a rule
  • Targeting triggers are a date range, minimal number of friends or a combination of both
  • Separate service targeting for friends and for the sender
  • Conflict-free Mechanism that protects against rule configuration errors and suggests possible solutions
  • A possibility to choose a rule for further use right from the rule manager
  • A possibility to assign a rule to a certain Website or View right from the rule manager


  • Global social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mailru, Yammer
  • Global e-mail services: Google Gmail, Outlook Online by Microsoft, Yahoo
  • Process LDIF and vCard address book files
  • Set the maximum number of recipients for manual invitations
  • Disable a service or the entire group of services
  • Third-party plug-in support

Integration with Services

Authorization & Security

  • OAuth protocols for your customers to safely authorize in the services
  • Customer's information protection

Interactive Visualization Reports

Mobile Devices

  • Direct OAuth authorization links for mobile devices that don't support browser pop-up windows

Senders and Invitees Activities Information

  • See if the invited people accept the invitations
  • See if the invited people make purchases
  • See if the invitation sender makes purchases
  • See if the same people are invited several times

Short Discount Alias

  • Replacement of real discounts with short alias
  • Short alias tracking
  • Short and real discount correlation manager
  • Information about the short discount holder: whether it's a sender or a friend, discount amount, real discount code and the service used
  • Quick search for a real discount using an alias, discount amount, service used, holder, etc

Invitation Stack

  • Email invitation queue with detailed information about the service used, the discount type and sender
  • Choose to send all messages instantly or with pauses to avoid server overload
  • Possibility to automatically log out after sending all messages
  • See detailed information about the sending process and messages left in real time (latest browser versions only)
  • Possibility to send messages via Cron Job at the specified time or at certain intervals
  • Partial message sending via Cron Job: choose the number of messages to send at a certain interval
  • Pause, unpause, delete messages from the queue or delete only failed messages
  • Requeue all failed invitations in a click
  • Check discount expiration date before sending the message

Invitation Problem Manager

  • Requeue all failed invitations in a click
  • Detailed information about failure reasons
  • Possibility to fix expired or deleted discounts and requeue the failed invitations
  • Replacement of all erroneous discounts by valid ones

Access Level

  • Define the extension access level: customers and visitors or customers only

Service Display Settings

  • Set the number of services per line
  • Choose how many lines to display
  • Automatic pagination

Address book

  • Possibility to select all friends by default
  • Choose to highlight your customers in the list of friends
  • Highlight friends who were invited before
  • Option to see the friends’ profile pictures
  • Show friends' detailed information including a link to their social network profile
  • Alphabetize contacts:
    By store locale
    By customer's browser locale
    By the most common first characters of the friends' names
    By specified alphabet
  • Instant dynamic discount calculation when choosing friends

Invitation templates

  • Locale support
  • Customize templates using Magento Transactional Email Manager
  • Separate templates for email invitations and for personal messages in social networks

Personal Messages in the Invitations

  • Customers have a possibility to add a personal message to the email invitations
  • They can also customize the personal invitation template in the social networks
  • Personal message length control

Invitation Process Verification

  • Choose to exclude the existing customers from the invitation process
  • Don't let the customers invite the same person twice
  • Personal message length control
  • Protection mechanism

Sending Invitations

  • Send invitation messages in the social networks instantly
  • Have a stack of email invitations to avoid server overload


  • An option to notify the store owner about new invitations instantly via Magento Notification Inbox or by E-mail
  • Notifications about the approaching expiration dates for the discounts used in Spread The Word rules
  • Notifications about expired discounts used in Spread The Word rules
  • Notifications about conflicting rules and possible solutions
  • Notifications when editing discounts that are currently in use

Account Generation for the Invited Friends


  • The extension switches to the “Invitation only” mode if a rule configuration conflict is found
  • It has a protection mechanism against sending expired or deleted discounts