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Feature List - Custom Downloads Magento Extension

Below you can find a list of features implemented in the latest version of the Custom Downloads Magento Extension:

General Information

  • Full integration with Magento sales mechanisms.
  • Simple installation and configuration.
  • Wide range of supported Magento versions (starting from Magento CE

My Downloads

  • Possibility to add «My Downloads» item to top links.
  • Showing customer's downloadable products and custom downloads in one place, "My Downloads" in their account.

Custom Downloads Settings

  • Specify the order item status for making the download link available for your customer.
  • Define Content-Disposition for the downloads.
  • Open the downloads in a new browser window.
  • Enter "default" download title.


  • Notify administrator about new orders that require custom downloads via Magento Notification Inbox system.
  • Notify customers about new files available for download via email.


  • Specify products that need custom downloads.
  • Attach several files to one item in the order.
  • Attach different files to different products within the order.
  • Add comments to the assigned files. Your customer can see comments next to the download link.
  • Enter the maximum times each file can be downloaded, or leave no limits.
  • A note is added to order history when your customer is notified about available downloads.
  • See the date of the latest time the file was downloaded.
  • See how many times your customer has downloaded the file.