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Discount Conditions • Week Scheduler Extension for Magento platform

Create a week schedule for your Magento discounts.

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Release Date: October 16, 2013

Version: 1.1.4

Magento Discount Conditions extension - "Week Scheduler" edition lets you specify the days of the week for Magento shopping cart price rules to be active or inactive.

Now you can make some Magento coupon codes work only on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Plan your discounts for the week!

Magento Discount Conditions - Week Scheduler
Magento Editions Compatibility:
CE ( and higher)
Magento Discount Conditions • Week Scheduler

New marketing campaigns with the Week Scheduler edition of Magento Discount Conditions!

Magento Shopping Cart Price Rule Week Scheduler extension

Why plan your Magento discounts during the week?

The Week Scheduler edition will let you use Magento coupon codes on the days your sales usually drop.

You can automatically offer free shipping on Saturdays or give 15% off on Fridays to attract customers. Create new marketing campaigns that haven't been available in Magento before.

Magento Discount Conditions Collection edition

Save €59!
Get the most powerful tools of "Magento Discount Conditions" series in one pack and save €59!
The Collection of "Magento Discount Conditions" is a single professional Magento extension that includes all possible discount criteria combinations for flexible marketing in Magento.
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