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Great bonuses for deep Magento discount conditioning

Automate your business processes. Let our products manage your discounts like a PRO!

Each edition of the "Magento Discount Conditions" extension", as well as the entire Collection, include 4 additional instruments for advanced discount conditions as a bonus. They let you specify the discount amount and enable it depending on the type, stock quantity, reviews, and custom options of the selected product.

Magento discount depending on the selected product custom options

Magento discount depending on the Selected Product Custom Options

Share discounts if your customer selects a particular custom option for a product!

This option lets you apply a discount based on the value of a product custom option. Now you can automatically give a discount for an order whenever your customer picks a "large" T-shirt, or disable the coupon code if the shopping cart contains an "XXL" T-shirt.

All types of Input Type product custom options are supported: field, area, file, drop-down, radio buttons, checkboxes, multiple select, date, datetime, time.

Magento Discount Conditions Collection edition

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The Collection of "Magento Discount Conditions" is a single professional Magento extension that includes all possible discount criteria combinations for flexible marketing in Magento.