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Custom Downloads Extension for Magento platform

Selling unique digital goods is easy.

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Release Date: May 6, 2013

Version: 1.1.2

Custom Downloads extension extends Magento downloadable products and offers new possibilities for selling digital goods. Now you can add custom attachments to any order that needs them. It can be unique custom software, user manual, or special content customized for the customer's requirements; it can be anything.

The attached files will become available only after the order is processed. Your customers can get them in "My Downloads", a special new menu item that will join custom downloads with "My Downloadable Products".
Custom Downloads Magento Extension
Magento Editions Compatibility:
CE ( and higher)
PRO ( and higher)
Create new Magento-based services by adding custom attachments to any order that needs them.

Custom Downloads extension gives ease to your customers.

Custom Downloads extension for Magento gives you more than just the possibility to attach files to the orders. It gives your customers convenient access to all Magento digital products and order attachments they purchase.
Instead of "My Downloadable Products" your customers get a new menu item: "My Downloads". It joins standard Magento downloadable products with custom downloads. Thus they get one location for all digital items available for download.
Similar to Magento "My Downloadable Products", this menu item shows download status, the remaining number of times they can download a product, links to the files, as well as comments to custom downloads.
You can attach the file before or after the order is processed, while the customer will get the download link only after the payment goes through. You can change this in Custom Downloads settings.
'My Downloads' joins standard Magento downloadable products with custom downloads.

Custom Downloads extension - do more with Magento.

You can manage any aspect of the downloads. Below you can find a list of the most important benefits Custom Downloads extension offers:

Products and Attachments

You specify the products that need attachments after purchase.

Attachment Management

Add attachments to the necessary order right from the order overview page.

Attachment Comments

You can add comments to the downloads to describe the files to your customers.

Download Link Availability

The customer can see the link after placing the order or after payment.

Administrator Notification

When you need to attach file to an order, notifications come to Magento Inbox.

Customer Notification

If you like, customers can be notified when new downloads are available.

Download Limit

Set unlimited or limited number of times the file can be downloaded.

Download History

Get information about when and how many times the file was downloaded.

Comments History

Information about customer notifications is added to the order comments history.

Magento downloadable products & order attachments in one place

Special area for all purchased digital items.

Multiple attachments

You can add several files to each item in the order.


We can customize this product to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us.

New Magento-based services. Create anything you want!

Custom Downloads extension for Magento lets you create new services using Magento e-commerce system.

Say, you provide digital photo editing services and create collages using your customer's pictures. Here's how Custom Downloads extension for Magento helps you implement this:

Create Sell Attach Done

You create a virtual product in Magento and specify that it requires custom downloads after the purchase. The customer buys your virtual product (photo editing services - a photo collage), and uploads their photos. When the order is placed, you work on the photos, create a wonderful collage and attach the file to the order. Your customer gets a notification that the file is available in "My Downloads" section after they pay for the service.

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