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Spread The Word Extension for Magento platform

Success is how fast you let yours customers do it.

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Release Date: October 16, 2013

Version: 1.2.0

Feel the breath of all major social networks and Internet services with the best Social Networking and Marketing extension for Magento.

  • Get a new space for your business - integrate Magento with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook Online, Yammer, and Mailru.
  • Get huge traffic and increase sales by letting your customers get and share discounts! They can invite their friends to your store right from the social networks and Internet services.
Spread The Word Magento Extension
Magento Editions Compatibility:
CE ( and higher)
PRO ( and higher)
First step: Select service Second step: Select friends Third step: Get discount and send invitations

Social networks as a new space for your eCommerce

Spread The Word Magento Extension: Social networks as a new space for your business

Spread The Word supports all popular social networks and email services: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mailru, Google+ (coming soon), Yammer, Google Gmail, Outlook Online by Microsoft, Yahoo. Your customers also get the possibility to load address books in the LDIF and vCard formats or simply send an invitation manually. Learn More.

4 modes that make your business

There are 4 well-configured modes that you can customize for your needs right in Magento Backend:

Spread The Word Social Marketing Magento Extension: 4 modes that make your business
Invitation Only
Let your customers invite friends to your store.
Invitation Sender Gets Discount
Give your customers a discount for inviting their friends.
Invited Friends Get Discount
Let your customers send a discount to the friends they invite.
Senders and Invitees Get Discount
Give discount to your customers and to the friends they invite.

Service Targeting.
Each social network is special.

Create a set of special conditions for a service / social network / tool within your rule! Use service targeting to add special triggers, which can change the discount type depending on the service the customer uses.

So you can give Twitter users with over a hundred followers a bigger discount in June.

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Spread The Word Magento Extension: Service Targeting. Each social network is special.
Spread The Word Magento Extension: Separate discount configuration.

Discount configuration.

The possibility to configure your discounts for the sender and for their friends separately makes your STW rules even more effective.

Thus, the friends may get a fixed discount while the sender can have a dynamic one depending on the number of friends they are inviting. Discount amount types can be different for the sender and for their friends!

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Stir up excitement!
New discount types.

Dynamic discount with and without pre-defined levels produces an absolutely new impression on your customers! These unique discount types let the users get a coupon with a bigger reduction if they invite more friends.

The discounts are calculated and updated at the moment the user selects friends. More words – bigger discounts!

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Spread The Word Magento Extension: Stir up excitement! New discount types.

Visual and interactive reports.

6 powerful and flexible analytics tools let you know everything about the word lifecycle or find the most effective rule.

You can see the service popularity tree map, invitee involvement, client group statistics and a strong sales-performance report with STW sales share data. The possibility to see the detail and the trend makes the reports unique. Learn More.

Spread The Word Magento Extension: OAuth. Your customers can authorize securely.

Your customers can authorize securely.

Your customers authorize in the services using OAuth protocol. Thus the users don’t have to specify their Facebook or Twitter login and password on your site.

They can be sure of you and their personal data.

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High Reliability:
Accessing the social networks and services via API

Spread The Word accesses the services and social networks using their API. Such interaction helps secure a safe and strong connection to, say, Facebook or Google.

All API requests are signed with a security token that is received during OAuth authorization.

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Spread The Word Magento Extension: Accessing the services via API: high reliability.

Invitation stack.

Personal invitations are sent to the social networks in a flash. Invitations from email services or address book files get in line to be sent, i.e. get to the stack.

This way you don’t overload your server when there are too many users trying to send email invitations.

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Save time for your support team.

Spread only the word you’re sure of! Conflict-Proof mechanism won’t let your customers or their friends get expired discounts. It will notify you about Spread The Word rule coupon expiration beforehand.

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Notifications. Be in touch!

Do you want to know that people spread the word about your store straight away, before you get to the reports? Spread The Word can send notifications to you about the new invitations sent!

Each notification offers an overview of the event: the service used, the discount a user received etc.

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Account generation.

When inviting friends, a new account can be generated for them "on the fly". Login information will be automatically sent with the invitation and the discount.

Spread The Word also helps you deal with non-activated accounts!

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Alphabetical index.

The index can be based on the alphabet of the current store locale, customer’s browser locale, the most common first characters of the friends’ names or the one you specify in the settings.

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Plug-ins: the word scalability.

Thanks to third-party plug-ins support, the word can get to any social environment. The plug-ins can be installed in a click and extend Spread The Word socialization channels for spreading the word.

Message sending scheduler.

You can use Cron Job to send invitations at a certain time or after certain periods. Thus you can select to send all waiting messages every hour, or to send a certain number of invitations every N hour or minute. You also have a button to "Send all messages now" if you want to release the entire stack.

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Invitation process verification.

Shall you let users send invitations to your existing customers or to those who have already been invited? You can control each nuance with Spread The Word.

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Access level

Who can spread the word? Shall they be your customers? Or your website guests? Or both? Or maybe you want both to use this option on one website, and customers to get special discount rules on another website? This is entirely up to you!

A simple list of friends? Not quite!

Your customer’s Friends List is presented in a convenient way with highlighted alphabetical index and a scroll. Each friend has a link to their social network profile and a photo. You can also enable the option to mark the existing customers or people who have already been invited.

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Custom message in invitations.

Each email invitation can contain sender’s personal message. When sending invitations via social networks, a sender can use a personal message template or customize it. You have full control over the message length.

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Short discount alias.

When the discounts are sent via the social services, they are replaced with short aliases to save the valuable characters as well as for overall usability. Thanks to the alias manager, you can quickly find the real discount link.